Gareth Lloyd-Jones

<p>After a career in Sales Management, Gareth entered full-time ministry in 1999. During 12 years in Manchester, he was involved in church planting and served in developmental roles with The Message Trust. Although Gareth serves as Senior Pastor of Ridgeway, much of his time is inevitably spent at Wallingford. Additionally... </p>

Quillon Harpham

<p>Quillon was born in 1970 and grew up in the South West of England. He has been a Christian since 1979 and is married to Sandy. They have three children and the family has lived in Wallingford since 1993. Quillon works as a Principal Scientist at HR Wallingford, specialising in... </p>

Martin Shreeve

<p>Martin was born and brought up in Oxford. He moved to Wallingford in 1996 and started going to Ridgeway Community Church a couple of years later. He is married to Katie and they have a young son. Martin’s faith in Christ began in 1994 when he committed his life and... </p>