We are an active and growing church in South Oxfordshire with a passion for preaching God’s word, experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit and sharing the good news of Jesus, in both word and deed.

At present we have two diverse congregations, in Didcot and Wallingford, who are united in their values, vision and mission.

If you're looking for somewhere to worship regularly or just curious about knowing more about the Christian faith, please come along.

You'll be made welcome!

Ridgeway Community Church is also part of the Kinetic Network.

Kinetic Network is a relational network of leaders and churches committed to the transformation of individuals, churches, society, and nations through the Spirit and the Word.


Ridgeway Community Church takes the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults very seriously.

Safeguarding activities are administered by a safeguarding policy based upon a model issued by thirtyone:eight, covering children and young people’s work, vulnerable adults, maintaining a healthy environment, managing those who pose a risk, home visiting, recruitment, and reporting incidents. This policy is governed by a dedicated Safeguarding Team including members from the Didcot and Wallingford congregations. The Safeguarding Team reports to the Trustees of Ridgeway Community Church.

If you need to report a safeguarding incident then please contact the Safeguarding Team Chair and Wallingford Coordinator, Quillon Harpham, or the Vice Chair and Didcot Coordinator, Amy Ogle, using the Ridgeway Community Church contact details on this website. If the incident concerns either of these individuals then please contact thirtyone:eight using the contact details on their website.