The PEOPLE of God

Because the Church is made up of those who have been brought into relationship with God through Jesus, Ridgeway is a place where people matter.  Although coming from different backgrounds, we are united, not because of our past, but because of our future! We therefore value sharing our lives together.

Our vision is to see every member of the church glorifying God through loving relationships with one another and by using our unique God-given gifts for the benefit of those in the church, the community and the wider world.

The WORSHIP of God

Because we are created and loved unconditionally by God, we are passionate about Knowing Him Personally, Praising Him Wholeheartedly and Serving Him Faithfully.

Our vision is to know the presence of God daily and delight in the intimate relationship that He has given us through the Lord Jesus Christ.

The WORD of God

In a constantly changing world, we are thankful for God’s unchanging truth, which He reveals in the Bible. Through this message, God excites, encourages, informs, challenges and transforms us.

Our vision is to faithfully and practically preach, teach and discuss the truth found in the Bible, so that both young and old may be informed and obedient followers of Jesus.

The SPIRIT of God

As Christians we can know and experience the Holy Spirit, who helps us to live as God calls us. We therefore highly value his presence and work among us.

Our vision is to see every member of the Church continually filled by the Holy Spirit so that we effectively use our God-given gifts and that our lives reveal his nature.

The MISSION of God

We believe that God calls us to share the ‘good news’ of Jesus and to demonstrate the rule and reign of God through miracles, acts of compassion and by the way we live our everyday lives.

Our vision is to see every member of the Church committed to sharing God’s love through words and actions and by actively supporting our ‘mission partners’, at home and abroad.